"Got Tech Skills But Zero Sales?"
Your Business Will Die Without the Speedy Sales Machine

So you're a tech guy, 40, father of two (let me guess, 8 and 10), married...you had a job paying around a comfy $60K but lost it a few months back and then found out about this Internet Marketing thing.

Your wife's kind of upset about that, isn't she?

Some people have spent so much money on “magic beans” IM products that they're not allowed to buy anything more than $50 on their own anymore.

You don't know why the sales aren't coming.

You're feeling frustrated, scared and strangely disconnected.

When you've got skills like:

  • Web design
  • Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Engineering
  • Software development
  • Network & security analysis

or even

  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Video editing

and don't know how to connect with your marketplace to find buyers...

Skill Without Sales Is Hell.
When You Want to Make Sales But Are Afraid

Just about every tech person feels this way.


Afraid to do the things you know you need to do to make sales.

After all, that used to be someone else's job.

But you're starting to get the picture that making sales is your job now.

That makes it even more scary.

You've seen posts from people who dialed hundreds of numbers, got beaten up by prospects, and had zero sales to show for their trouble.

You instinctively feel you hate cold calling without ever having done it.

However, the “magic beans” IM products just have you spinning your wheels.

The promise of effortless, fast riches is a lie. You need to start doing something that is proven to work. Something that will get you sales.

Tech Experts Need The Speedy Sales Machine
Giving You the Logical Way Out of Trouble

Most people are afraid of selling for two reasons:

1 > You believe selling is about lying, misrepresenting, and manipulating, and you don't want to do that


2 > You haven't been shown a simple way of ethically making sales.

Let's dissect these two issues logically.

First, all the salespeople you've ever seen in movies and television shows—such as Glenngary Glen Ross—are lying, cheating subhumans who would say and do anything to make a sale.

You'd want to be the exact opposite of that, wouldn't you?

I sure do.

Does being a trusted advisor, who deserves to be rewarded for your services, sound good to you?

Second, do you just not want to be a salesperson, because all you can think of is those scummy, lying people you've seen before?

Those people aren't real. They're just characters. Somebody made them up.

Don't you wish you knew a better way to sell?

An ethical, honest, and effective way?

Most tech-minded people do.

And in fact, to be seen as a true expert, you have to sell this way.

So until now, you've had this idea that selling is evil...while also having an empty thought bubble about what exactly you have to do to sell.

Let's change all that for the better.

Can you see yourself as an expert who ethically sells real technical services that really help people?

The Speedy Sales Machine is going to teach you how to have simple, effective conversations with people...so you can find out who needs what you offer.

And a lot of those people will want to hire you.

That's when you make sales!

It's so simple and easy, it can even be fun.

Getting interesting projects and making money is fun.

Here's what I'm going to teach you with the Speedy Sales Machine, so you can be that trusted expert:

The Flashy Speedometer – to figure out your numbers and configure your machine


Snap Listbuilding – to quickly build your list and load the machine


Blue Streak Qualifying – to rapidly determine who you should be talking to from those you shouldn't


The Hair Trigger Close - to make sales at blinding speed, make money, and get started on projects


Lightning Exhaust – to get the most out of those people who don't qualify to work with you right now.

You Are Going to Have to Decide...

Fear kills businesses.

Especially one-person businesses.

If that one person is unwilling to do the behaviors necessary to make sales, because they are afraid, the business will die.

Which Is Stronger? Your Fear or Your Desire?

If you want sales quickly, it's best to talk to people.

This is the fastest way of making money...especially for someone with your tech skills.

You're going to get a simple, proven, mechanical system with the Speedy Sales Machine that shuts off the fear. You don't have to think. You don't have to worry. You just do.

This is exactly how you make sales.

So how long is this going to take to get going?

Not weeks.

Not even days.

Just a couple hours.

Within two hours, you can be running the Speedy Sales Machine.

The critical information you need has been put into quick audio recordings and a no-nonsense PDF report. Follow the easy directions, and you'll be having straightforward conversations with potential customers—that lead to sales.

But how much is this going to cost?

My other training programs cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I know you may have gotten into trouble and the budget might be seriously limited right now. So while giving world class, proven training in Speedy Sales Machine, I have set the investment at a level you'll find easy to buy:

You will pay only $27.

Speedy Sales Machine

Finally, for far less than $50, you're going to get something that really works.

Your wife won't get mad.

And when she sees the results, she'll fully approve.

Get and use the Speedy Sales Machine. It's logical and makes complete sense. You'll feel good about what you're doing, your results, and the projects you win. You will be that trusted advisor who is well rewarded for your expertise.

Or you can waste your money on more “magic beans” with promises of IM riches.

Isn't it time you started making money?



“Jason, I have to compliment you on what you've put together here. Most lead generation and qualification guides teach the same old dry boring process that people have failed with for ages. You've come up with something different, though.

I love the qualifying mindset you teach on page 8, but the absolute best part about this guide is its simplicity. The process you teach removes the primary obstacle to sales success: it gets YOU out of your own way.

Follow Jason's setup process, then work it like a robot, without thinking. Unless you have zero people skills and are an absolute moron (in which case, find a different profession), you'll find yourself selling with the Speedy Selling Machine.”

Pat Flanagan
“Jason gets sales. He gets them on a fundamental psychological level. Pay attention to the things he says.

His 'a little unsure' technique is worth hundreds all by itself for B2B sales, as a matter of fact - and you can implement it in about 4 minutes flat.

Now, I know what I'm talking about - my first business sold white-label services to attorneys, back in 2000.
I've been a straight-up pitchman for vegetable slicers, for jewelry, and I've done very well selling insurance, to boot.

This is the good stuff if you're in B2B sales. You really can't afford to miss what Jason has to share.

Jeremy Pope
Crack The Marketing Code”

Jeremy Pope
“One of the things that keep fascinating people, is movies where they show “boiler room” sales.

Sure, the reprehensible morals involved are disgusting- but we can’t help but wonder, how in the hell do they get so good at sales? What kind of training program teaches that?

Man, If YOU could be that good at sales, for YOUR business…

Time and again, it’s been proven- if you want to get good- REALLY good- learn the basics until they’re almost instinctive.

Sales can be like that. You’ll no longer think of the steps, you’ll work them as automatically as a machine.

The guys who make millions every day know them.

The guys who makes thousands every day know them.

The guy who pays the bills at his business knows them, but possibly not as well.

And while you may be a whiz at what your business does, you may not have a clue at all.

You can go to seminars for thousands of dollars, and get those basics included, but buried under lots of specialized examples- nine-tenths of which you’ll never see in your business.

And spend anywhere from three days to a week at it.

I've done that. Took me over a year to figure out what was wheat, and what was chaff. Another year to figure out how it applied to my business.

Or you could spend ONE hour- with a few documents to help you- and get those basics.

It’s not push-button magic. It’s not miracle software. It’s the basics.

Six audios, a PDF, a couple of spreadsheets (with examples), and strict instructions to keep you from overthinking it until you learn- and after that, it’s up to you.

With the right information, you aren't just guessing anymore, or hoping you’re doing it right.

Jason has boiled down years of multi-million-dollar sales success into a simple, action-oriented product.

At a ludicrously low price.

And his students have proven just how good he is at explaining things. By making money with the basics.

Sure, you can fail at this. But it won’t be because of the information.

For “old-timers”, a refresher never hurts. For the rookies- this could be the info that changes your success from “maybe” to “I got this”.

Jason has assembled the tools you need. Take them in YOUR hands now.”

Hagar Kelly

Just Added: Let me tell you what I've included as a Bonus: membership in my private Sales Judo group on Facebook. Join and be with many, many other people doing the same things you'll be doing--and some of whom have been working with me for several YEARS. You won't be alone. Isn't having a great bunch of encouraging people around you a huge success boost?

The Choice Is Yours. Make The Right One.

Speedy Sales Machine