Five Ways to Bring the Heat to Your Business
with Sales On Fire:

Nobody likes being called a liar, do they?

Learning that the prospect I was talking to didn't believe the headline that my client had really made over $600,000 in one week was a shock.

It hurt.

"I've read the case study you sent me," the prospect was saying. "The client you worked with made six hundred thousand dollars. And when I read it—at first I thought it was a lie. 'Cause a lot of people lie, you know." An ice pick was being stabbed through my heart. This was my competition? Not another company, or having to prove myself, but a belief?

Then he continued: "But when I read it, it made sense."

"You know...I might not be able to make six hundred thousand, but even if I can have a hundred thousand dollar launch I'd be really happy. 'Cause I don't have those. Maximum, you know, ten thousand. I sell low price eBooks: ten, twenty dollars. It's not really significant. I want to do something Big. Something like what you've done with your client."

"It's quite similar to what I do. I sell eBooks and tips. I've got a list of about 10,000 people. It's not as big as your guy's, but they're very responsive people. They're willing to buy; they're willing to listen."

So was I.

After a half-hour conversation, the prospect signed up to work with me.

"I want to do something Big."

It really does bother me that lots of people don't believe the headline of that case study.

Of course, they don't read the article, either. I have heat maps of how far people read down the page. Other copywriters and funnel designers are the ones who take the time to read all the way through.

The rest? Too lazy. Too unfocused. Too skeptical that it is something they could do.

The keys to a big, very profitable launch—my client did not need or use affiliates, as this was far away from the IM world, so kept 100% of the profits—are right there in front of them. But can they invest the time to reach out and claim them? Just ten or fifteen minutes, tops? No.

Start thinking about why this would be the case. And why this might, until now, have been the case for you.

A commonly asserted statistic is that nine out of ten of all new internet businesses fail in the first 120 days.

Personally, I'd say it's higher than 90%, and the failure happens much sooner than the four month mark.

More like 99% within a week.

Because that's the least, the way I see it.

Most people give up on an online marketing idea after three days of effort.

Three days!

What can you hope to create in three measly days?

And then you jump after the next shiny product or service or niche and go back to Zero.

Let me make this crystal clear:

You Will Never, Never, NEVER Create Success That Way.


What you're doing is gambling...but not even steady gambling, like the retired woman who sits at the slots for sixteen hours straight in the expectation that SOONER OR LATER THIS ONE WILL PAY OFF.

Gambling like the fool who puts all his money on one turn of the wheel...13, black...and it always comes up red!

You are running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Let's shrug off the ragged old shawl of disbelief for a moment and focus in on a completely different possible result.

Imagine you...but a more confident you. A believing you. A financially successful you.

How has this You gotten to be where you are in this vision?

What actions did you have to take? What did you have to go through?

Does it seem like too much?

Or do you think the steps to get there were manageable—because someone who had been all the way down that road before was there along with you?

Because it IS possible.

My client who made over $600,000 in one week was not exceptional. Not like he had a third eye or something.

But he did all the things right that pay off when you put them together.

And if you had that same series of steps to follow...and followed them, step by step... would find a big payoff, too.

But no one teaches this stuff.

How To Bring the Heat to Your Business

Well, I'll do it.

Why would I do this? Why would I flat-out give you the steps of how to make a big, profitable business?

Let's be honest: almost nobody is going to do anything about it.

Most readers haven't even gotten this far (remember what I said above about the case study?). And of those who have, nearly all of them are going to forget what they read within the hour.

They'll move on to other things,

That's good for you, though, isn't it?

Means they won't be hanging around, clogging up the marketplace with proven funnels that actually work.

You can OWN that niche.

And another little factoid: you just might want to set this whole thing up with me helping.

Here are five ways you can start doing this immediately.

Step 1 - Pick a Hungry Market with a Big Problem

From the case study, we can see what my software client did. He found a bunch of people staring a huge problem in the face. Educated, intelligent, steady types like engineers and developers who were getting into their late 50s and seeing the word "RETIREMENT" dead ahead. And they all shared this one hobby: playing the stock market.

They all had lost.

And they all knew somebody had to have a winning system.

If only they could find that someone.

If only they knew who to trust.

They wanted help. They were DESPERATE for it.

I suppose we could have just thrown up a sales page and said, "Here's a new system; it's in a software, so buy it!"

Then it might have sold for a couple hundred bucks.

Sound like something somebody you know might have done?

Instead, we did the next step here, and sold it at launch for $1,997.

Step 2 - Educate to Attract Prospects Based On Your Unique Point of View

What do you think would have happened if my client hadn't hired, me, and rushed to sell his beautiful baby idea?

A $197 price point, me hearties.

And maybe a $60,000 payday. Maybe. Probably a lot less. And massively less than $600,000, don't you agree?

So instead of pushing his product out to market, we created a two week sequence of videos, presentations and PDFs. The aim of this sequence was none other than to bring our most active and engaging prospective customers around to my client's unique point of view regarding investing.

I should share something here.

We made over $600,000 from a list of just 2,200 people.

Kinda busts the myth that you need a huge list, doesn't it?

My client had brought a list of 55,000 to me. The members had been cobbled together over the years. Some were active and vocal; others were as silent as the grave. During the first week of working together, we whittled that 55,000 down to the top 2,200.

Their income wasn't a factor. What mattered most was their level of engagement. And we used a number of tactics to encourage that engagement.

In fact, on one of the videos alone, we got over four hundred comments. Testimonials my client can use over and over; any time he wants to draw from the pool for an email or a video, all he has to do is scoop a handful out. 400 from a list of 2,200. Now that's engagement.

And after that first week of careful sorting, we hammered them with the education sequence.

Every day for those two weeks, these hyperactive investors hung on my client's every word. I scripted videos, wrote emails, devised engagement methods.

And by the end, they were SO READY for my client's solution...because they had already bought into its validity.

Step 3 - Offer a High Ticket Product Automating Your Point of View

My client's way of investing is...complicated.

I don't think you'd be surprised at this point to learn that MATH was involved.

The 2,200 prospects we educated could have manually figured out the trading decisions on their own.

After all, they were a bunch of geeks already: programmers, engineers...definitely NOT touchy-feely-flighty types.

But who would want to go through all that trouble?

Not them.

Not when a solution for just $1,997 was put in front of them that automated everything they're newly-educated points of view demanded they now do when considering investment decisions.

Now I want to take a momentary side-step to explain why we narrowed the list down to 2,200 in a bit more detail.

Step 4 - Launch the Product to a Select Group of Raving Fans

Why didn't we blast the education sequence and ultimately the offer to the full 55,000?

Wouldn't we have made more money?

Turns out No, we wouldn't have.

Oh, we might have picked up a few more $1,997 sales. But when you see what Step 5 is, you'll understand why we waited to show it to them.

Those 2,200...they were my client's raving fans. The real base. The ones who were ready to buy in. Ready to believe. Most eager to receive a change to their point of view.

So when they bought, it wasn't just about the money.

We were after something else. Something even more valuable.


Not just testimonials. Crazy ecstatic over-the-moon testimonials.

Testimonials from real investors who had really been using and making money by trading with this high ticket solution.

Because those are worth their weight in gold.

My client put the customers into a Buyers group on Facebook. They buzzed in there and were so happy to discover there were other people just like them—it's a lonely world being a solo investor.

Those raving testimonials, together with other elements we've covered, lead to Step 5.

Step 5 - Leverage It All Into An Evergreen Funnel

Now that the big launch was over, my client had a number of tools we could repurpose:

* A life-changing cash infusion, enabling him to buy highly targeted advertising and promotion to new prospects who didn't know him

* The launch experience, giving him knowledge of and corrections to any technical glitches and successes in the process

* The educational sequence, ready to be turned into the front end of his evergreen funnel

* A whole bunch of raving testimonials, which would convince the fence-sitters they'd better buy now,

all leading to an even more powerful factor—

A price increase from $1,997 to $5,000.

And now, when the marketing reached out again to the fence-sitters who had qualified out from being allowed to participate in the original launch, they were faced with overwhelming proof that the system worked...and that it was incredibly valuable. They knew they'd better buy it now at the $5,000 price point, before it rose further.

And that's how you can make even more money.

Each wallflower who lurked at the beginning was now eagerly paying $3,000 more to own the solution.

If we'd let them in at the beginning, not as many would have bought, and they'd have brought less than half of the revenue they did a few months later. With the proof in those amazing testimonials from the most zealous fans, my client earned more sales at over double the revenue per customer than he would have.

"OK, Jason's call sign should be the Marketing Magician
because within a 10 minute phone call, he conjured up
a completely new, never seen before marketing funnel to
get people to consume training videos for a new product
launch. My lips are sealed about this funnel. It's the new
back end for my business.

Next thing I know $211,000 comes in within 24 hours.
By the end of the week, it's $504,000 and growing.

Jason and I bounced ideas left and right in
machine gun rapid-fire...then eureka!

Marketing plan. CHECK. Email blasts. CHECK. Half
a million in a week. CHECK.

Even Jon Benson, the father of the "ugly video sales
letter" which has made nearly $1 billion in sales said
of our crazy new up-sell funnel said: "this DOES
need to be in any upsell...nice copy...your message
simply works."

[I added 2 vitally important slides near the beginning of
Jon's slide sequence that massively boosted conversions.]

Thanks Jason! You've put money directly in my pocket
with PERSUASIVE copy. You were right, you get what
you pay for.

Dan Murphy. A true believer."

Our total revenue at the end of the week the product
was open for sale for, including some mailed in credit card
payments, was over $600,000.

An average marketer would have made around $60,000.

Of course there are technical details (copywriting, webpage setup, video editing and the like) involved to make all this happen, but you've seen the five key steps to Bring The Heat to your business with Sales On Fire.

You can do this yourself. Follow the steps.

So the question is...

"Do you want to do something Big?"

What do you think your business would look like if you actually did these five things?

Do you want to find out?

Obviously, the first step—and the whole reason I've been going through this specific example—is for you to BELIEVE you can have the same kind of results.

Maybe you want a $600,000 launch like my stock market trading software client. Maybe you're happy with the idea of $50,000, or a $100,000 bump like my client who I was talking about at the beginning of this letter.

Do you agree that it's so much easier to learn and do something when you've got an expert beside you who's been through everything you're going to do?

* Help with the Big Idea to tap into exactly what your customers want

* Help with Copywriting to speak to your target market

* Help with the Funnel and sales

* Help with Closing high ticket sales

* Help with turning the launch sequence into an Evergreen funnel.

I have to say, there aren't many individuals who can help you with all that.

Why am I making this help available?

I, Like My Client, Want the Testimonials of My Raving Fans

I want to turn you into a raving fan.

And holding the testimonial high from you, my dearest raving fan, I will be able to attract and work with even larger clients.

So I would like to offer you the chance to work together on your Big offer.

Let me help you Bring The Heat to your business.

Here's what's necessary for us to work together:

* You must have a list...large or small, it doesn't matter

* You can visualize yourself successfully selling a product valued at $997 or more

* You are ready to take direction and action with my help.

Our goal with the stock trading software launch was to sell 200 units at $1,997. That would have been a target revenue of about $400,000. Clearly we exceeded that target.

For you, I have every reason to believe the four-figure investment in working with me will easily be covered and exceeded by the initial launch revenue we make.

Eager to get started?

The first step is for you to fill out a very quick survey about your situation. I need to know a little about you (a few straightforward questions), so I can know how best to help.

Create your own user feedback survey

Due to demand, I can only talk to a few people a day. So get your survey in NOW, to ensure the quickest turnaround time for my reply.

I'm really looking forward to talking with you.

No income claims are made by this offer.