Well it's month-end again and some folks have a serious case of the Month-End Blues.

When I was a credit manager, a role I did for four years and was responsible for collecting $2 million a month at, we had our Accounts Receivable printouts by branch store. This list would tell us who owed what.

Of course, we knew these numbers ahead of time.

Most of our collections were made that day, at the end of the month.

You could try calling before. That could make the Accounts Payable people at these customer companies mad, if you were asking about an invoice that hadn't quite come due yet.

Sometimes we'd know a particular customer was in trouble...that we wouldn't be getting a six-figure amount. And this was enough to ensure the branch this customer bought from wouldn't be reaching its target that month.

Other times, it was the relationship the we had with that A/P person that ensured our check went out on top.

That was the day we stayed late.

That was the day we counted the money as it came in, updating our spreadsheets, and watching that total figure climb and climb and climb.
And possibly peter out near but quite not at that target collection line.

Sometimes, you'd start the day knowing you were doomed. That it was impossible to reach the target.

That was never fun.

It was always an adrenaline rush. Being "done" by the usual 4PM business close was a soaring feeling. Waiting around like a Christmas morning kid for that final check to show up or credit card payment to be phoned in after that traditional time limit was usually fun, too.

Overall, I won much more often than I lost. This earned me a lot of bonuses because that's how we were rewarded in addition to our salaries.

But I want to point something out to you:

Collections is "Closed"...

Our targets were set and the amount of money we could possibly collect was fixed at a certain total before we ever started.

That's the reality of the Credit department.

You can't bring any new money into the system. It's closed.

In Sales, it's totally different.

The open road lays before you.

You can always make one more sale before the end of the final day of the month.

There's always that possibility.

Like I said at the beginning, some people are really feeling those Month-End Blues.

They haven't brought enough money in. And the last day is looming over them.

It's easy to feel down if you're in this position. Defeated. Lost.

But you're not in the Credit department. If you're a business owner, you have more rolls of the dice: you can still SELL something to bring in more money before the end of the day.

Now that's power.

Sales Is "Open"

If you've found yourself in this position, now or in the past, you'd be smart to know exactly what to do to take advantage of those remaining hours, wouldn't you.

Marketing is effective, but it's also typically slow.

You don't have time for slow.

You need fast results.

And the fastest way to get results in Sales is to

--make sure you pay attention here--

have conversations with qualified prospects.

That's what you must do if you want to make sales.

And the more conversations with qualified prospects you have, the more likely you are to make a sale.

If you'd like to learn how to rapidly identify a qualified prospect and have an effective conversation with them, I have two options for you to take advantage of.

Two Cures for the Month-End Blues

The first is called Speedy Sales Machine.

It's a straightforward, no-frills system that will get conversations hopping with the right kind of people.

And it's so easy to put into use; you won't be spending much time at all learning and starting this up.

Two hours. You can learn and start applying this today.

The second is called Sales On Fire.

It's my flagship product. Actually, it's three giant products in one.

So naturally, it costs more. But right now it's on sale. (Regular $495.)

And I know you'll get so much value from both these products that I'll make you a deal right now:

If you get Speedy Sales Machine and then decide you'd like to upgrade to Sales On Fire, I'll deduct the small investment in Speedy Sales Machine from your upgrade. Just send me a quick email at jason (at) jasonkanigan (dot) com to let me know that's what you want, and I'll give you the special link to do so.

If you want to go straight to the top and get Sales On Fire, I will give you Speedy Sales Machine with your order.

I know there are some folks who have bought one or more of these already. If you're in that position, let me know at jason (at) jasonkanigan (dot) com. I'll give the SOF buyers Speedy Sales Machine, and anyone who's bought Speedy in the past the discount on the already-reduced investment in Sales On Fire.

Sound fair?

Thanks and let's kick those Month-End Blues!